Tree and Shrub Planting Services

Trees and shrubs bring life and character to your landscape. They blend colors and textures that are rich with beauty, elevating the look and feel of your outdoor space. A large evergreen can provide privacy as well as a scent of pine, while other types of trees can add foliage and shade. Shrubs soften the lower landscape of the yard and produce an assortment of colors as the seasons change. Our horticulture experts at Blue Aspen Contracting in Calgary can give you advice as to which trees and shrubs will grow best in certain locations and soil conditions.

Planting new trees and shrubs that are appropriate to your area increases your property value, saves energy costs, and makes your homes’ or businesses’ landscape more beautiful. Our team of landscape experts pays specific attention to the details when it comes to planting, as both trees and shrubs can be very fragile when still young. Trees grow as people do, and watching a favourite tree grow up with your family can be a sentimental and joyous experience for everyone.

Our tree planting services in Calgary can help bring to life the perfect landscape that you have in mind. Our arborists are highly regarded for the planting and lawn work we perform for our customers. We are fully licensed to handle any size job you have for us. We strive to ensure our customers are pleased with the work we do, and we guarantee all of our customers are going to be pleased with our tree services. Give our tree planting experts and landscape contractors a call to learn more or to receive an estimate.

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