Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Services in Calgary

Retaining walls are strong and rigid walls that control the sloping of your property by “retaining” the heights of different levels of soil that reside side by side. Retaining walls are found in areas where support is needed to prevent land from sliding downwards due to gravity. When engineered and constructed properly, a retaining wall is a great solution to potential or existing erosion problems. The landscaping contractors at Blue Aspen Contracting in Calgary are highly skilled in creating retaining walls that complement the look of your property, enhancing the overall look and functionality of your landscape.

Retaining walls are a great solution for a property with a large slope. Many sloping yards create a challenge when it comes to making use of the entire lot. By constructing a retaining wall to change the grade of your property, you build tiered levels that will maximize the yard’s available space that you can use to enjoy. Integrating stairs within the wall design allows you to move about your property freely by opening up the wall and giving it more character. The backside of a retaining wall is a great place to plant small shrubs and flowers, giving it more a more unique look and adding to the overall aesthetic appearance.

Retaining walls are constructed from various materials, but selecting proper building materials will be more effective in the long run. Our retaining wall builders are highly skilled and knowledgeable in selecting the most effective building materials and installing them correctly so they last for years to come. With a diverse selection of patterns and colors to choose from, building a retaining wall can accent your home and become a functional way to get the most out of your entire property.

If you feel that you may have a potential issue with erosion, or want to optimize the space your property has by utilizing the slope, Blue Aspen Contracting is happy to perform an assessment! We are more than happy to repair any failing or damaged retaining walls you may have, correcting the issue while enhancing your property’s natural beauty. Give us a call today.

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