Lawn Installation Services

Reimagine your outdoor living. Do you think of a beautiful, grassy field that you and your family or employees can enjoy? Lush, thick grass is the pride of many homeowners, so having a professional install your lawn is important. To us, installing a lawn is more than just unrolling a few pieces of sod; preparing the yard with the right amount of topsoil and hand-grading the area prior to laying the sod are important steps that are often overlooked. The result of close attention to detail and unmatched workmanship is a thriving natural lawn that adheres to the soil and creates a deep root system.

Blue Aspen Contracting in Calgary uses Kentucky Bluegrass for all of our lawn installation because it is proven to be the best blend for our regional climate. Choosing grass that thrives in our area is important because it requires less maintenance and doesn’t need as much water to live, which are both huge bonuses. To ensure the integrity of your lawn, we recommend installing an irrigation system. Irrigation systems are great solutions that not only provide your lawn, shrubs, and trees with the proper amount of water, but also save you the effort and time it takes to water everything by hand on a regular basis. The planning process assists us in designing the best system for your yard, making sure that every inch of the lawn, as well as each shrub and tree, receives just the right amount of water.

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