Irrigation Services in Calgary

Blue Aspen Contracting installs and maintains high-quality irrigation sprinkler systems, which are essential in maintaining the appearance of your property. Proper irrigation installation will save you work and money while protecting your landscape investment. Customized and well-thought-out irrigation systems save water, prevent the loss of turf and plant life, and are designed to be efficient and to uniformly distribute water. 

Many factors are considered in our zone layouts including soil properties, slope, water requirements of plant materials, turf-type, weather conditions, site conditions, and so much more. We take a detailed approach to ensuring that your irrigation system meets the needs of your landscape and keeps it looking beautiful.

We offer a variety of water-conserving sprinkler and irrigation systems that prevent your landscaping from being over-watered. We also offer drip irrigation systems, cycle and soak systems, and more so you can optimize your water usage while remaining efficient in keeping your landscape looking beautiful and healthy. 

You can rest assured knowing that our sprinkler systems are made using the highest quality heads, valves, timers, and fittings. As technology advances, so do our sprinkler systems! We also offer Wi-Fi-compatible controllers so you can stay connected with your irrigation system no matter where you are.

At Blue Aspen Contracting, we pride ourselves on using the latest technology in irrigations, landscape design, and maintenance. Plus, because we are local, we understand the importance of conserving water and can offer tips on how to maximize your water use while remaining efficient. Give our landscape professionals in Calgary a call to learn more about irrigation installation. We look forward to working with you.

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